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About Us

Who We Are

Regional Conventions will be benefited only when autonomy is granted to the Conventions to implement their own programs under their jurisdiction and permission is granted to maintain its relationship with the Board of International Ministries and Baptist Council of World Mission after the achievement of their internal relationship.

Therefore, in order to make the regional autonomy proactive and to strengthen further the cooperation, in the Constitution of CBCNEI the privilege of permanent membership has been given in the General Assembly of the CBCNEI to the Executive Committee to represent in its Nomination Committee and CBNCEI Board on behalf of the regional conventions.

Just as by the collection of Baptist churches the Baptist Associations have been formed, so also through Baptist Associations the Convention has been formed. Therefore the name of this organization shall be “Assam Baptist Convention”. The owner of all movable and immovable properties of this Convention shall be the organizations and institutions under this Convention.

Preamble : Our Faith

  1. The Holy Bible which contains 66 books is the totally infallible one, complete and powerful God-breathed Word of God.
  2. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are One God, and they remain one for eternity.
  3. The divinity of Jesus, his birth through the womb of Virgin Mary, his sinless and spotless life, his representative death, repentance through him, his physical resurrection, ascension, his mediation as foretold, his personal grace and return in glory. He is the only Savior of the world, and He is the Lord of lords and King of kings.
  4. The Holy Spirit provides light to the life of all believers and makes them new, dwells within the self and sanctifies in order to bear fruitful testimony, and enables in performing responsible job in this world by leading pure and holy life.
  5. The human state of sinfulness requires salvation. Salvation is the grace which can be received through faith in Jesus Christ.
  6. The Church is a spiritual unity of Christian believers which is called the Body of Jesus Christ.
  7. In the resurrection of the lost and the restored ones, the lost will be resurrected for the eternal punishment and the restored ones will be resurrected for the life eternal

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Assam Baptist Convention shall be to attempt to achieve the following for the Baptist Associations of both north and south banks of the Brahmaputra River:

  1. To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ within and without Assam and to extend the Reign of God.
  2. To help developing spiritual, moral, social and economic spheres of the Christian society.
  3. To facilitate relationship and cooperation between the churches and the Associations
  4. Providing employment opportunities.
  5. To promote and protect Christian leadership.
  6. To manifest the love of God through the service to humanity.
  7. To cooperate with the other Christian Associations, Conventions and organizations as per need.

Associated Institutions

As the Assam Baptist Convention is the recognized body of the CBCNEI, the Assam Baptist Convention will maintain good relationship and cooperation in all direction with the following organizations and institutions :

  1. Union Christian College, Barapani
  2. Eastern Theological College, Jorhat
  3. All hospitals and nursing schools under the CBCNEI
  4. Medical Colleges in Vellore and Ludhiana
  5. Sarah White Memorial Girls Hostel, Satribari, Guwahati
  6. Lewis Memorial Boys Hostel, Panbazar, Guwahati
  7. Tyrannous Hostel, Shillong, Meghalaya

Work and Responsibilities of the Convention

  1. To elect the office bearers of the Convention and other necessary committees.
  2. To raise necessary funds for the functioning of the Convention and allot funds towards the stipulated projects.
  3. To establish and administer organizations and institutions for the promotion of both secular and spiritual education.
  4. To own the movable and immovable properties of the Convention and supervise and protect those;
  5. STo offer good counseling in resolving stalemate between churches and Associations.
  6. To appoint appropriate personnel for the running of the Convention.
  7. To publish magazine for the Convention
  8. To take appropriate steps in order to fulfill above mentioned aims and objectives of the Convention.
  9. To supervise all movable and immovable properties and funds of the Convention.
  10. To execute the MOU/MOA as per it has been agreed upon between the CBCNEI and the ABC for the protection of the properties that have been transferred from the CBCNEI to the AB.
  11. To maintain sincerely all-round development of the churches, public meetings, organizations and different projects of the churches.
  12. To assist in times of need all Associations by providing them timely guidance and advice in their spiritual formation and administrative matters.
  13. To accept financial statement of accounts and budgets of all Associations, schools, other organizations and committees which are under the jurisdiction of the ABC.


The following organizations will receive the membership of the Convention:

  1. All Baptist Association that are situated on the north and south banks of the Brahmaputra River (as per By-Laws no. 1) ;
  2. All Christian Endeavors Society, Sunday Schools Unions and Women Conventions under the respective Associations.
  3. Assam Baptist Christian Endeavor Society and Sunday School Union.
  4. Other Baptist organizations.

Annual Meeting of the Convention

  1. The Annual Meeting of the Convention will be convened in any local church under any Association of the Convention in rotation for three days in the first week of April every year.
  2. During this annual assembly one or two sessions will be set apart to discuss only the matters that have been forwarded by the Executive Committee and offer advice.
  3. The Program Committee selected for the annual assembly of the Convention will finalize its days, dates, venue, and all related program only after consulting the executive members of the Convention, and send notices to the churches, Associations and all organizations to this effect about a month before the commencement of the assembly.

Delegates for the General Assembly of the Convention

The delegates shall attend the annual General Assembly of the Convention as per the list below:

  1. Delegates with Right to Vote :
    1. One person from among the baptized members ranging from 10 to 50, two persons from 51-100 baptized members, three persons from 101-200 baptized members, and four members from 200 and above baptized members
    2. Four delegates shall attend from the Associations which have over 3000 baptized members.
    3. The Executive Secretary of each Association.
    4. Two delegates from the Women department.
    5. Two youth delegates each from Sunday School and Endeavor Society.
    6. All members of the Executive Committee of the ABC.
    7. One extra member from the Associations which have 3000 and above baptized members.
    8. Two delegates each from the Assam Baptist Christian Endeavor Society and Sunday school.
    9. Two delegates from the Assam Baptist Women Convention
  2. Delegates with no Right to Vote :
    1. Principals/head of the institutions
    2. Conveners of all sub-committees.
    3. Delegates of all Associations and Conventions that are not affiliated to the Assam Baptist Conventions.
    4. All paid workers/employees of the Assam Baptist Convention.
  3. Quorum for the General Assembly :
    1. When at least 50 delegates representing minimum three Associations are present General Assembly can be convened and can take resolutions on the stipulated agenda of the meeting. In case delegates are less to form quorum, the President can nominate some members to meet the quorum. This, however, shall not exceed more than 10 members.
    2. Delegates from churches, Associations and institutions should bring their written identity from their respective president or secretaries and submit to the Minute Secretary or Secretary of the Convention. Only then these delegates shall be considered as delegates and they shall take part in the discussions on agenda and be able to cast their votes.
    3. If any visitors and invitees would like to speak or forward some recommendations, then they would seek first permission from the president or secretary of the Convention.

Responsibilities of General Assembly of the Convention :

  1. To elect the executives of the Convention, the members of the Executive Committee, and all other members of necessary committees.
  2. To accept annual reports of the Secretary of the Convention, Treasurer, Mission Secretary, Women Secretary, Youth Secretary, Development Secretary and secretaries of other committees.
  3. To accept reports from the Associations and institutions under the Convention.
  4. To accept Annual Budget of the Convention.
  5. To amend the Constitution and By-Laws of the Convention, if necessary.
  6. To discuss matters recommended by the Executive committee and decide to implement them.
  7. To intimate relevant matters to the Associations, churches and institutions those are affiliated to the Convention.
  8. To decide responsibilities of the Associations those function under the Convention, and affiliate new Associations to the Convention.
  9. To accept and approve after scrutiny annual Audit Report of the Treasurer of the Convention.
  10. To prepare the plan of development for the Convention and undertake appropriate steps to implement it.
  11. To accept the invitation and decide place and date for the next general assembly of the Convention.
  12. To accept Audit Reports of the Associations, schools, and other institutions and committees.
  13. To discuss agenda that would be prepared by the Secretary in consultation with the President of the Convention and to implement those.

Qualifications and Merits & Demerits of the leaders :

  1. Any baptized member from a church under the Assam Baptist convention.
  2. Any person who does not have any criminal record
  3. Any person who has not been convicted by their work place or court.
  4. Any person nominated by the President or Secretary of the Convention.
  5. Person nominated by the C.B.C.N.E.I.
  6. A co-opted member.


  1. On its first Session the Convention shall select the Nomination Committee. This Committee shall meet during any Sessions and bring recommendations regarding the names of the executives of the Convention, members of the Executive Committee, and co-opted members and accept the recommendation unanimously if the Convention accepts it.
  2. The Election Committee shall be constituted by Executive Secretaries of all Associations and two selected representatives of churches who have been already selected on the opening session of the General Assembly.
  3. The President of the Convention shall nominate Convener from among the members of the Nomination Committee.
  4. This Nomination Committee shall bring names of the following executives, members of the Executive Committee, and the co-opted members in any of the session of the General Assembly.
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Two co-opted members for the Executive committee (one male and one female).
    4. Recording Secretary
  5. The Convener of the Nomination Committee shall conduct the election.
  6. From among the proposed two or three names for a designated post the one who gets highest votes shall be elected for that post.
  7. If two candidates get equal highest votes, then there shall be recast of votes for only for them and the remaining names shall be deleted from the list.

Election of the President and Vice-President

  1. The President and the Vice-President shall be elected one after the other.
  2. Anyone having past record of misappropriation of power and position of God’s institution, Convention, financial scandal, and serving own purpose at any cost, such persons shall not be assigned any responsibility of Associations or Convention. Husband-wife shall not occupy post of the executives of the Convention.
  3. The candidate must be a qualified member of a church under the Convention. The candidate preferably shall have theological education. He/she should have appreciable administrative experience. He/she should have reputation and good social standing.
  4. After the Executive Committee scrutinized the eligibility of the nominated candidates of the Associations for the posts of President and Vice-President, the Nomination Committee would bring these names in any of the sessions of the Assembly for election.
  5. The following persons will not be considered for the posts of President and Vice-President of the A.B.C. :

    1. Any person who has worked against the interest of the Convention whether in the past or at present.
    2. Any one having a record of financial misappropriation.
    3. Persons convicted or a case is under the court of law.
    4. Persons who have disregarded discipline.

Responsibilities of the Executives

  1. President
    1. He/she shall preside over the meetings of the Convention.
    2. He/she shall preside over the meetings of the Executive Committee
    3. During his/her presidential tenure, he/she shall represent the Convention to all Associations, Committees and institutions.
    4. He/she appoint the General Secretary of the ABC as per the decision of the Executive Committee.
    5. Before the General Secretary executes the decisions of the sub-committees, he/shall give approval to this effect
    6. In the case of sale or purchase or change or exchange of any movable or immovable property the President’s signature shall be mandatory.
  2. Vice-President
    1. Shall preside over the sessions of the Convention and Executive Committee at the request of the President or in the absence of the President or if the President becomes unable to be present.
    2. Shall act as President in the event of President’s inability to function or failure to function as president for any reason during his/her presidential tenure
    3. Shall be the president and convener of the meeting of the Programme Committee for the forthcoming General Assembly of the Convention. He/she shall convene the meeting in stipulated time and prepare the programme. Shall assist the office of the General Secretary of the Convention in publishing the programme and issuing the notice to this effect to the churches and Associations.
  3. General Secretary
    1. It is mandatory that the General Secretary of the Convention shall be a theological graduate.
    2. Shall keep and maintain up-to-date working records of all employees of the Convention.
    3. Shall be responsible to the CBCNEI for all property and the entire work of mission and evangelism.
    4. Shall administer the secretariat of the Convention, and supervise entire property of the Convention and its all records and documents.
    5. Shall represent the Convention to different Christian meetings and committees and educational institutions. If necessary, the General Secretary shall represent the Convention to the governmental and judicial work.
    6. Shall appoint employees of the Convention as per the direction of the Executive Committee. The General Secretary shall give leadership and shall accept reports of all workers on their responsibilities.
    7. Shall insert into a permanent Record Book of all proceedings of the Convention and the Executive Committee.
    8. Shall send written records of all the proceedings of different sessions of the Convention and the Executive Committee to all the executive members and president, and secretaries of all Associations.
    9. Shall maintain conventional relationship between the Convention and Associations, churches, and all institutions throughout the year.
    10. Shall visit the venue of the forthcoming assembly of the Convention and supervise all arrangements made, and if need be, shall advise leaders of the hosting Association and the church.
    11. Shall prepare in advance and present the regular agenda of the Executive Committee in the meeting.
    12. Shall read out report of the activities of the previous year in every meeting of the Executive Committee and shall prepare in advance report of the current year for the reading in the yearly general assembly.
    13. Shall pay visit as per needs of the Associations, churches, institutions and organizations under the Convention and shall try to fulfill the following purposes :
      1. Shall communicate to the churches and Associations the plans and strategies of the Convention and encourage them to assist and cooperate in all these activities.
      2. Shall try to foster and maintain unity and cooperation and accordingly attempt to promote strong bond between the Convention and churches.
      3. Shall intimate the churches, Associations and assemblies about the budget of the Convention and encourage them to contribute generously towards the budget of the Convention.
      4. Shall teach churches for spiritual wellbeing and encourage the leaders of the churches and Associations for their spiritual growth, and provide necessary counseling for them.
      5. Shall make arrangements, as per the need of the churches, for teaching and training, after consulting the church leaders and the executives of the Associations.
      6. Shall attend, if invited, the meetings of the Executive Committees, Annual Assembly, Bible Class, Pastors’ Fellowship, and Women and Youth Conventions of the Associations, and assist and cooperate them in their activities.
      Please note : In case of the non-existent full-time salaried General Secretary of the Convention, item nos. (h) to (m 6) shall not be applicable to the Honorary General Secretary.
  4. Treasurer
    1. Shall collect all contributions and offerings brought for the treasury of the Convention and deposit the same to the bank.
    2. Shall disburse as per the approval of the General Secretary for the regular administrative programme.
    3. Shall prepare yearly Audited Report and present it to the Executive Committee and the General Assembly of the A.B.C. through the General Secretary.
    4. Shall scrutinize the Log Book of all income and expenditure and receipts by the auditor nominated by the Convention and read out the Financial Statement in the General Assembly.
    5. Shall keep the yearly account of income and expenditure of the Convention from 1st April to 31st March.
    6. Shall always issue receipt against money received from anyone and also collect receipt from the person money given.
    7. Shall be an ex-officio member of the Finance and Budget Committee of the Convention.
  5. Secretary of the Mission Department
  6. He/she shall supervise the work of mission and evangelism of the Convention. He/she shall prepare plan for the spiritual revival and leadership formation. He/she shall represent the Convention in all Revival Meetings, and shall visit churches and Associations to assist them in their missionary activities. He/she shall raise fund for the mission work of the Convention.
  7. Secretary of the Women Department
  8. She shall be the Supervisor of all activities related to women and their development. She shall give special emphasis upon the spiritual activities. She shall regularize the activities concerning training, women empowerment, and capacity building. She shall represent the Convention in regard to raising fund for the work of women department and shall give preference to maintain cooperation with likeminded organizations. The main aim shall be women empowerment.
  9. Secretary of the Youth Department
  10. His/her main aim shall be leadership formation and empowerment. Organizing programme like visits and training camps shall be for the purpose of the spiritual and mental growth. For imparting spiritual knowledge in creating a healthy social atmosphere and all round development of the youth training shall be organized. He/she shall encourage the activities of the churches to use youths and in creating posts for them. He/she shall raise fund for the activities of the Youth Department.
  11. Development Secretary
  12. Importance shall be given to the social development of the churches under the Convention. The main focus of activities shall be in creating employment facilities in order to lead a healthy and acceptable Christian life. He/she shall communicate with different resourceful organizations that offer training. He/she shall take appropriate steps to resolve the burning issues that challenge Christian life. He/she shall prepare plan of development for the convention and pursue to get government aid for development.

    Minutes Secretary

    1. He/she shall be appointed only for the annual session of the Convention.
    2. Shall record in the bound Minutes Book details of all sessions and shall read out the minutes in all sessions, and correct the document if mistakes are pointed out.
    3. Shall submit the Minutes Book and all important documents and records to the General Secretary immediate after the concluding session of the Convention.
    4. Shall receive the identity card/letter from all delegates and shall record their names in the register book.

    Assistant Minutes Secretary

    1. He/she shall be appointed only for the annual session of the Convention.
    2. Shall assist in the work of the Recording Secretary and the General Secretary during the sessions of the convention.
    3. Shall function as the Recording secretary in the event of the absence or inability of the Recording Secretary.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be constituted by the following members :

  1. Members eligible to vote
    1. The executives of the convention: President and Vice-President
    2. President and Executive Secretary of all Associations
    3. A member nominated by the executive members of the local Assembly (while nominating the candidate women representative may be given importance).
    4. Two members nominated by the Nomination Committee of the Convention from among the representatives present at the general assembly (one male and one female)
  2. Members not eligible to vote
    1. Fulltime General Secretary and other employees who draw salary from the Convention/Association.
    2. Principal of educational institutions
    3. President or Convener of all sub-committees
  3. Co-opted Members
  4. At the time of need, particularly in order to form quorum, the Executive Committee may co-opt one or two members with voting power only for that session.
  5. Tenure of the Executive Members
    1. Tenure of the two members nominated by the Nomination Committee of the Convention during the general assembly shall be for 2 (two) years.
    2. The person selected by the Executive Committee of the local Association may be nominated for two years.
  6. Meeting of the Executive Committee
  7. The Executive Committee shall meet once during (preferably one or two days prior to) the annual assembly of the Convention and once in the middle of the year. The date, place and time of the session of the middle of the year shall be decided during any sessions of the Convention.
  8. Qualifications of the members of the Executive Committee
  9. The members of the Executive Committee shall be of good standing in Baptist church under the Convention and shall be experienced persons in providing constructive suggestions while taking part in the sessions of the executive committee.
  10. Convening of the Meeting of the Executive Committee
    1. In order to convene the meeting of the Executive Committee there should be minimum 12 members with voting right.
    2. In case the members present are less than 12 but more than 9, the committee may go ahead discussing the matters as per the agenda, but in order to implement the decision consent of the absent members has to be sought. For that reason the General Secretary shall write all discussions and decisions of the committee immediate after the Executive Committee and shall send to the members within one week. If the members neither object to these decisions nor express any consent in writing, then this shall be considered as having their consent and the General Secretary may go ahead in implementing the decisions of the Executive Committee. Less than ten members cannot hold the meeting.
    3. If the President and the Vice-President of the Convention cannot be present in the Executive Committee, the members present may select from among them a leader to conduct the meeting.
    4. The General Secretary shall send notice intimating day, date, time and place one month prior to the convening of the meeting. In case of any emergency meeting, the members should receive the letter one week before the meeting. Notice should go along with the agenda of the emergency meeting.
  11. Responsibilities of the Executive Committee
    1. It shall act on behalf of the Convention between one general assembly and the next.
    2. Shall present yearly budget that has been forwarded by the finance or Budget Committee for the approval of the Convention.
    3. Shall request all churches, and associations to contribute towards the budget.
    4. Shall instruct the Treasurer to spend according to the allotment of the budget.
    5. Shall direct the Treasurer to deposit money of the Convention to a specific bank.
    6. Shall appoint all paid workers and Principal and Vice-Principals of educational institutions. It shall supervise and examine and formulate conditions of their service and determine their pay.
    7. Shall constitute necessary permanent and occasional committees and approve to this effect plans and recommendations.
    8. Shall elect such member or representative to be, sent to the committees under the Convention or any other associations or any other assemblies or conventions.
    9. Shall determine the venue, day, date and time of emergency meeting of the Convention.
    10. If necessary, a Minute Secretary shall be selected for such meeting from among the members present, and he/she shall write the minutes.
    11. In the event of eruption of any problem between any church and Association or if any church or Association seek advice from the Convention to resolve problem, it shall offer necessary advice and shall take appropriate steps to resolve the disputes.
    12. Shall appoint persons temporarily in case any post of the Executive Committee falls vacant in the middle of the year.
    13. If the Convention has movable or immovable property, it shall formulate rules and regulations for the use of such property, and take appropriate steps for its sale or purchase or transfer.
    14. Shall prepare by-laws regarding travel and boarding and lodging of the members or representatives of the Convention to the assembly of the Convention or any session of the committees or for any other committees.
    15. Shall select, if necessary, two nominated members with voting right for any session of the Executive Committee. They shall have to be members of the local body.
    16. Shall direct the General Secretary to read out only the relevant portion of the matters that have been discussed in the meeting of the Executive Committee for the annual assembly.
    17. The Executive Committee shall look carefully and scrutinize all the items of the agenda prepared by the General Secretary to be discussed in the annual assembly of the Convention, and if there is any change to be proposed shall be made, and if any new item to be added shall be incorporated. Then only the matters can be brought for discussion in the meeting of the selection committee of the Convention. No new item can be discussed in the opening session of the Convention without having been placed in the meeting of the Executive Committee.
    18. Shall increase the number of sub-committees to address different issues of the A.B.C.
    19. The Executive Committee shall call for occasional report and financial statement from the General Secretary and shall approve it.
    20. Executive Committee shall maintain discipline within the framework of the A.B.C.
    21. On the completion of every five years the Executive Committee shall evaluate activities of all workers and maintain status quo.
    22. The Executive Committee shall have the power to suspend or expel as part of disciplinary action against any staff who has willfully neglected the responsibility or misused the power, position and fund.
  12. Quorum for the Executive Committee
  13. Note the exception: The Executive Committee can hold its meeting in its lack of quorum for valid reason. In case of the shortage or one or two member to form quorum, the Executive committee can co-opt one or two members for that purpose for that specific session only.

Partnership between the Convention and other organizations

  1. The A.B.C. is the Regional Unit of the Council of Baptist Churches in North East India, therefore relation and communication between them must be extensive. There are complex activities between the ABC and the CBCNEI. The ABC has land, property, building and infrastructural property. In supervising or maintaining these there should be discussion and mutual understanding between the ABC and the CBCNEI through MOU/MOA.
  2. The ABC is affiliated to the North East India Christian Council (NEICC) and therefore it is necessary that by paying affiliation fees it maintains firm relationship with the NEICC.
  3. The ABC is the member organization of the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF) the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) and International Ministries. d) The ABC is the member of the Nation Christian Council of India (NCCI) through the CBCNEI. Therefore, it is mandatory to maintain good relationship with the NCCI.
  4. The ABC is related to the Baptist Council of World Mission (BCWM).
  5. It is essential that the ABC maintains relationship with evangelical organizations like Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI), Evangelical Union (EU), etc.
  6. The ABC may become partner with Christian institutions and organizations and the Executive Committee may occasionally be involved with the recognized Christian groups under partnership agreement in evangelistic work for the extension of God’s Reign.

Amendment of the Constitution

The Constitution of the Assam Baptist Convention can be amended by the consent and approval of the two-third members of the Executive Committee. Any church member can bring the written appeal for amendment through his/her local Association to the Convention with a request for considering amendment. The notification letter and the draft for amendment of the constitution should be sent to all members of the Executive committee one month before the commencement of the ABC annual assembly.

Dissolution of the Convention

If for any reason it becomes inevitable to dissolve the Assam Baptist Convention, the all types of loan or credit to received or paid must be amicable reconciled. As per the direction of the CBCNEI, it shall return to other Baptist institutions all property and valuable belongings. By-Laws : Convention Recognized Associations, Unions, and other Organizations/Institutions : The following associations, conventions and institutions and organizations may send their delegates to the general assembly of the Convention and the Executive Committee :
  1. C.B.C.N.E.I.
  2. Other Baptist organizations recognized by the C.B.C.N.E.I.
  3. Churches recognized by the associations of the following list
  1. The Associations, Councils and other organizations recognized by the Convention
    1. The Baptist churches of the following unions and associations, district endeavor society and Sunday School Unions, women’s departments of the associations, Assam Baptist Endeavor Society, Sunday School Union and Assam Baptist Women’s Department shall be considered as the recognized institutions and organizations of the Assam Baptist Convention. Only these institutions/organizations shall be eligible to send their delegates to the yearly assembly of the Convention. i) Sadia-Dibru Baptist Christian Association, ii) Sibsagar Baptist Association, iii) MADHYA Assam Baptist Association, iv) Nowgong District Baptist Association, v) Kamrup Asomia Baptist Sobha, vi) United Baptist Churches Association, vii) Assam Baptist Endeavor Society and Sunday School Union, and viii) Assam Baptist Women’s Department.
    2. Apart from the above mentioned Associations if any other Baptist Associations or Baptist organizations desire to come under the Convention, then those Associations and organizations shall have to apply to the Convention. After discussing this matter the Executive Committee shall bring recommendation to the annual assembly of the Convention whether or not to include them under the Convention. Once the positive decision is taken then only that Association or organization shall be allowed to send their delegates to the Convention from the following year.
    3. The Baptist churches keeping relation with the Convention and are recognized by their respective Associations shall send their delegates to the assembly of the Convention. The Executive Secretary of the respective Associations shall send names of the churches recently recognized along with the names of their pastors and their full postal address to the General Secretary of the Convention
  2. Bursary of the Convention
    1. All Associations and other churches under the ABC shall send their assessment fees as determined by the Executive Committee towards the bursary of the Convention in between March-April on each year.
    2. During the annual session of the ABC all delegates shall bring their yearly donations and assessment fees to the bursary of the convention.
    3. All offerings and tithes collected during the assembly of the Convention shall be deposited to the Convention fund.
  3. Expenditure for the Delegates
    1. The Associations, Churches and unions shall bear all expenses of their delegates sent for the annual assembly of the Convention.
    2. The Convention shall bear costs of all members of the Executive Committee.
    3. Expenses towards the traveling, boarding and lodging of the officers of the Convention shall be borne from the fund of the Convention. They have to submit supporting bills for this purpose. They will receive money from the Treasurer only after it is sanctioned by the President or the Secretary.
    4. The Minute Secretary and the Assistant Minute Secretary shall get their travel expenses.
  4. Administrative Committee
  5. The Administrative Committee of the Convention shall be constituted with the President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Mission Secretary, Women Secretary and Development Secretary. If necessity arises, the Administrative Committee may take decision on disciplinary action against any employee. This decision has to be approved by the Executive Committee. The finding committee for such undeserving activities or Disciplinary Committee shall be formed under the Convention.